Fan         Get in the Game

Our team is our story. Whether we are at the game or cheering from home, that story is told through the colors we proudly wear. J. America fan apparel is a tribute to all our fellow Alumni and Weekend Warriors who understand the importance of making an impact on game-day with colors and graphics as bold as our commitment to team pride.

Active    Life is Movement

Success is a reflection of how well we balance work and play. From the grind of long distance running to the complex contortions of yoga – clothes need to work with our bodies to allow natural movement and cooling. With J. America’s advanced technologies, new fabrics and functional details, our lives move effortlessly from workout to weekend.

Fashion  Feel Your Best

It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. Only a testament to our individualism and our personal style. It has to do with our ideas, the way we live and what is happening around us. What we wear has the power to transform who we are. Using new techniques and design trends like rhinestones, sequins, foils and textured fabrics, our love of fashion can now rival our love for our team.

Vintage  Unlock the Varsity Vaults

Vintage is inspired by our youth and nostalgia and it draws inspiration from the best of our past. Archived deep within the pages of yearbooks and programs, those classic stories and iconic pictures from our glory days breathe new life as they are relived in J. America’s washed fabrics and soft hand inks. A newly created classic that we have loved for years.